Insul-Core™ Solutions LLC


MSC Morkstar Products

Electrical Insulation Products

1) Tie Cord

2) Dry Fiber Glass Surge Rope

3) B-Stage Surge Rope

4) Polyester felts

5) Starch fiber glass yarns

6) Unsintered and Sintered PFTE cable tape

7) PFTE machined parts

8) Ligum Vitae Wood-(iron wood) used in oil filled transformers, used as bearings, gears as it is self lubricating and used as bearings pieces in hydro generators, used in propeller applications and under water applications. It is three times harder than oak and use as mallet heads, rollers, and is a self lubricating as opposed to iron or steel.

9) Transformer molded parts

10) Woven Glass tapes

11) Woven Glass/Polyester Tapes

12) Polyester Heat Shrink (High Insulating Liquid Absorbent) Tape engineered by myself and used at major OEM’s-no other manufacturer has this product

13) Transformer Tie Cord Tape (Heat shrink & Highly Oil Absorbent)-no other tape manufacturer has this special tape as I have engineered this tape and have this manufacturer for me-it is excellent)
14) Woven cotton tapes

15) Woven Herringbone Cotton Tapes

16) Transformer Pressboard, Precompressed board, machined parts, Coil spacers, Trapezoidal wedges

17) Double Diamond Transformer paper

18) Electrical connectors

19) Mica tapes

20) low/medium/high voltage insulators and bushings

21) Electrical Adhesive tapes

22) Untreated fiber glass sleevings

l3) Coated fiber glass sleevings

24) Low/Medium/High Voltage Insulators/Bushings (Oil Filled Transformers & High Tension Line up to 750/kv)

25) 180/220°C Banding Tapes

26) High Temperature Gasketing Products

27) Hot Molten & Liquid Splash Protective Sleeving (Steel Mills, Foundries, Chemical processing) used to protect critical electrical or processing lines)

28) Dual-Wall Silicone Fiberglass Braided Sleeving (200°C, lOKV, Flame Retardant)